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About IRP


Hi, I'm Steven "SJ" Duncan; author, musician, artist, and mentor to aspiring writers, among other things.



I began Ink Ribbon Press in 2012 as an outlet for my own creative endeavors. I learned a lot of lessons the first few years, but the only way to do something is to roll up your sleeves and get to work, and so I persisted. Later, I was joined by Melissa Zachary, an incredibly talented woman with an otherworldly work ethic.



And to whom I'm now happily married.


Photo Credit: Photography by Emelia Deweese



Together, we've continued to build IRP. My new novel, Bash, was released April 21st, 2017. I have plans to begin releasing some of my music on iTunes. And we've recently decided to use what we've learned over the years to help other indie authors by way of speaking engagements, YouTube, and writing advice at The Tipping Point blog. We're busy, to say the least. But we wouldn't have it any other way.   




I want to personally thank you for showing interest in IRP and supporting our efforts. We love our fans, we love our clients, and we love what we do. And none of it would be possible without you.


Photo Credit: Ron McCarty


 So here's to you. Keep dreaming, keep believing, keep striving, and never give up. Your breakthrough could be just around the bend.

-- SJ