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Bash Cover - Splatter image of guitar player

A journalist with a deadline,

a rock star with an agenda,

and a mansion with a dangerous secret.

He’s a journalist at the height of his career, interviewing the world’s most famous talents for the world’s biggest magazine. Then she happened.

A year later, he’s at rock bottom. No celebrity interviews, no awards, no career. . . until Bradley Morgan, rock star elite, comes along.

But this gig isn’t routine. It means a month long stay at Morgan’s isolated mansion. It also means Morgan gets to approve or reject the article before publication. The catch?

Morgan is a maniac and a perfectionist, freewheeling and restrained, a living contradiction with a lot of power.

And he really wants the world to get him.

The Long Dark Lonesome

“I know how this looks, but it’s not what it seems. I’m a writer. This explains everything.”

In his debut collection, SJ Duncan explores themes of love and loss, survival and success, and the piece-mill quality of life after divorce. With a strong voice and keen eye, Duncan’s poems are entertaining, insightful, and thought provoking.

Inspired, somber, and inventive, The Long Dark Lonesome is a window on the roiling turmoil of modern American life, relationships, and the struggle to succeed.

Three Rights and a Left

"Stitched together, heart and soul, by a thread of discontent and a hundred-thousand needle jabs."

In his second collection of poems, SJ Duncan chronicles the transition out of self-imposed isolation while offering insights into life as a writer in modern America.

Thoughtful, mournful, and inventive, Three Rights and a Left is a book about transformations and transitions, defiance and determination, survival and success.